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Moving Image Studies

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Welcome to Moving Image Studies

The moving image increasingly permeates the fabric of contemporary culture and society. From cinema theaters and home televisions to installation art, portable electronic devices, medical technologies, and science laboratories, and in public spaces from airport terminals to building façades, the moving image is nearly ubiquitous.

The graduate minor in Moving Image Studies (MIMS) trains students from a variety of disciplinary fields in the critical analysis of the moving image in its disparate yet interrelated forms. Drawing from the faculty's extensive research interests and expertise, the curriculum brings together discourses ranging from film theory to media studies, from the philosophy of the image to the history of technology, and beyond.

Admission to the MIMS graduate minor is by request, with the approval of the student's advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies of the minor. For further information on the graduate minor, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Shaden Tageldin.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Group in Moving Image Studies

This group is conceived as a cohort of faculty and graduate students from various departments engaged in Moving Image Studies and provides a forum for group study, viewing, presentations and discussion. The group meets regularly during the semesters. For the current semester schedule and past group events click here.

To be added to the MIMS listserv to receive information on upcoming events, courses, and news of interest, please e-mail with your name and preferred e-mail address.

A graduate minor bringing together courses and faculty from thirteen College of Liberal Arts departments.